Söt – Sweet

SÖT is our basic product. It is also our bestseller and starting point, the perfect sweet licorice. Taste the poised balance and purity. The more you chew, the better it tastes.


Salt – Salty

SALT is a traditional Swedish and Nordic salty licorice. We focus on purity and balanced flavours, adding salmiac and salt.


Salt + Havssalt – Salty + Sea Salt

SALT + HAVSSALT is salty licorice with added sea salt. It’s not as easy as it sounds. A delicate balance to get it right.


Salt + Hallon – Salty + Raspberry

SALT + HALLON is salty licorice and raspberry, black and red. A modernised classic, where the only addition is the innovative list of ingredients: no additives, no colouring (well, apart from carrots), no chemicals, but with real raspberries.


Söt + Ingefära – Sweet + Ginger

SÖT + INGEFÄRA is yet another flavour for licorice lovers. Our sweet licorice with real ginger is a modern classic. Sound simple, tastes fantastic!


Choklad + Salmiak – Chocolate + Salmiac

CHOKLAD + SALMIAK is salty licorice rolled in chocolate and salmiac. A burst of Nordic traditional flavour, combining the saltiness of salmiac with the sweetness of chocolate.


Sweet Licorice Fish

LAKRITS FISKAR – LICORICE FISH, our gluten-free sweet licorice. A fresh, sweet licorice with a lot of flavour.

Salty Licorice Fish

SALTADE FISKAR is gluten-free, salty, fish-shaped licorice, known as “the Swedish fish”. Sounds easy, and it was.

Smoked Salty Licorice Fish

RÖKTA FISKAR is gluten-free salty, fish-shaped licorice that is cold-smoked over alder shavings. It doesn’t get more Swedish than that, and it’s the world’s only smoked licorice, as far as we know.

Sweet Licorice + Sour Lemon Fish

A golden and classical Swedish flavor combination with a sour twist. We combine a fresh lemon flavored fish with our signature sweet licorice fish.

Röding – Raspberry Fish

RÖDING is gluten-free, raspberry-flavoured confectionery with no artificial additives or colorings. The tart, fresh taste comes from raspberries. The perfect complement to our licorice.

Sur Röding – Sour Raspberry Fish

The Sour Röding has the same raspberry taste as its sibling but rolled in a sour and sweet powder giving it some extra kick.


Gäddan – the Pike

GÄDDAN, the Pike, has the shape of a real Pike and is elderflower flavored. We donate part of the proceeds from this product to promote healthy waters and fish stocks.

Torsken – the Cod

TORSKEN, the Cod, is a mixed bag of raspberry and blackcurrant candy fishes with the shape of a real Baltic cod. We donate part of the proceeds from this product to promote healthy waters and fish stocks.

Piggvaren – The Turbot

PIGGVAREN, the Turbot, has the shape of a Swedish turbot with a fresh sour blueberry flavor. Free from artificial colorings and additives. We donate part of the proceeds from this product to promote healthy waters and fish stocks.


About us

The Kolsvart dream started a decade ago when we wanted to open the best café in our hometown of Malmö, Sweden. Our guests loved the coffee but the dream quickly became a financial nightmare. We were wandering in the dark and ironically, “kolsvart” means pitch black in Swedish.

But out of the darkness a new dream was born. We took our passion for pure and natural flavors and created Kolsvart the confectionary company. It started with traditional Swedish licorice but quickly became so much more.

Our ambition is to do the simple things best, which is always the hardest. We focus on finding the perfect balance between taste, purity and texture. We love to surprise our customers with new flavors and experiences. To do this we experiment and collaborate with artists and creatives who share this curiosity.

There is always something new to discover at Kolsvart and we invite you to explore this dream with us.


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